Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pumping Iron

For the last several months I have been going to the gym twice a week (uhem, well, I've been trying at least). I have been frustrated trying to exercise my right quad because it is so week that I can't really do most of the exercises. If I do squats, all my weight is on my left leg. On the quad machine, if I use both legs, it's hard for my right leg to even maintain contact with the weight bar. On the other hand, if I just use my right leg, I can't make it budge at even the lowest setting. At the end of a workout, only my left leg felt fatigued. Of course, that has led to a rather large left leg, which only accentuates the difference between the two. It has been frustrating to say the least.

Lately I have had some success on the leg press. The leg press is a weight machine where you sit in a reclined position, put your feet up on a platform, and press down to lift the weight. The motion is similar to squatting or jumping. I can push quite a bit of weight with both legs. When I started I could barely push the first weight level (about 30 pounds) using just my right leg. Of course, if I want to jump I had better be able to do more than that.

Two weeks ago I had the idea to try negatives. I put the leg press on a setting that is a little higher than what I can push with just my right leg and use both legs to fully extend my knees. Then I take my left leg off and try to keep the leg press from falling back. When I started two weeks ago, I couldn't even keep the level 2 setting (60 pounds) from falling back. In fact, I couldn't even slow it down much. I had to catch it with my left leg to keep the weight from crashing down.

Today I was shocked to discover that I can now push through a full range of motion with just my right leg on a level 4 setting: 100 pounds. That is nearly one-tenth of my body weight (ha, ok, just a little exaggeration). I was pretty excited. I have been wondering if I am even making progress. Apparently the negatives are doing wonders and the consistency is starting to show. At this rate I will be running and jumping again in no time.

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Karen Brothersen said...

Rock on Jeremy! It has been said, "by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass"! Keep it up!